Helping organizations increase energy & engagement

Work is Purpose.
Life is Engagement.
The two are essential
to each other.
So why are they so
often in competition?


The reality is, the organizations that prosper in the future will be those who understand that the employer/employee relationship should be both mutually beneficial and mutually supportive. When organizations accept this symbiosis and work to be a vital and nurturing component in every employee’s life, when they nurture employees with care toward the complete employee experience, both employees and employers benefit. 


These are the principles that guide us at Tiaki. We believe that employers and employees should be symbiotic caretakers for each other. They should build a healthier approach to work that values personal resilience, growth and wellness as well as productivity. We help organizations identify and act on opportunities that increase energy and engagement, and we guide them in creating cultures that allow and encourage employees to be happy, healthy and to perform at their best.